Just as some people are born to be leaders, some dogs are born to make thousands of strangers happy. Jinkee, a red toy poodle, is one of those dogs. Best known for her Instagram account, @LifeOfJinkee, what this pup lacks in size she makes up for in personality.
Based in Melbourne, Australia, Jinkee never intended to be Insta-famous, but after receiving messages of support and delight from all corners of the world, she felt obliged to keep spreading the joy.
What started as a bit of fun for family and friends in June 2015 soon became a global sensation. Jinkee reluctantly quit her full-time job as an aspiring sock destroyer and began to take her online career seriously.
Don’t be surprised if you see her sipping puppuccinos in her Sunday best and acting more human than most humans.
Some Life of Jinkee’s highlights are:

 Featuring in BuzzFeed’s “19 Dogs More Handsome Than You Could Ever Hope To Be” article (someone should probably tell them Jinkee is a girl)
Appearing in the official @dogsofinstagram book, Dogs on Instagram, published August 2016
Featuring in TimeOut, UrbanList and other equally trendy publications
 Appearing in the Daily Mail (so what if it was because she was being cuddled by an ex-Big Brother contestant?)
 Appearing on a morning TV segment in Manila (Jinkee is named after Jinkee Pacquiao, wife of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao)


Life of Jinkee –
Life of Jinkee –

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