Fella and Tidda are two dachshunds who believe happiness is dog-shaped.
Fella is a quiet and gentle soul, who loves people and puppers equally. She loves nothing more to please those around her and is willing to sit patiently until the pawfect photo has been taken.
Tidda is playful and cheeky. When she’s not sleeping, chewing sticks or chasing butterflies, you’ll find her connecting with some of the millions of people that are reached via the Doxies social channels each week.
Fella and Tidda enjoy life between Melbourne and the Gold Coast and together, they are affectionately known as the Doxies Down Under.

Top Fundraisers for RSPCA Queensland (2015 and 2016)
 One of only two Australian Influencers for US-based Barkbox
 #UberPuppies Australia Influencer


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Doxies Down Under –

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