Podcast Ep 1 – How to Travel with Your Pets

How to travel wth your pets with Jenna Matheson from Jetpets

Needing to think about moving overseas with your pet?

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On our very first episode, we speak to Jenna Matheson from Jetpets and learn all about the fascinating world of pet travel and how you might be able to take your pet on your next inter-state holiday! Jenna also shares the tale of Rusty the hitchhiking terrier and how he was reunited with his family.

If you have ever even considered moving overseas, one of the most major decisions you can make is how will your beloved doggo follow you. Luckily, pet travel agencies like Jetpets are around to help you on this journey.

Dr Rob Zammit also answers our weekly audience question. This week question comes from @charlson_ who asked about a suitable dog breed suggestions for a busy lifestyle.

Tale of The Week Links:

Rusty the Hitchhiking Terrier – Read more about Rusty’s story HERE¬†

Jetpets Website: www.jetpets.com.au

Jetpets Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jetpets/

Jetpets Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jetpets

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