Remarkables Pets Podcast

Australia’s favourite topic, pets is a new podcast!

Remarkable Pet Podcast is a light and fluffy podcast specifically for people who love their pets.

The podcast will bring you remarkable ‘tails’ about the animals we share our lives with. The hosts Vanessa Wong and Natalie Giddings will interview various guests on a range of topics such as pet adoptions, working dogs, scent dogs, a pet travel agent and how to turn your pet into an influencer, alongside with Q & A, prizes and events.

Did you know Australia has the highest rate of pet ownership in the world? In fact, 38% of Aussie households own a dog.
We know so many people, many who do not even own a pet in real life, follow an adorable pet through social media as a way to get their furry fix, resulting in some of Australia’s biggest social media pet stars attracting followings in the hundreds of thousands.

Podcasts are another way for them to engage with a community on their favourite topic.

We also have special guest Dr Rob Zammit, answering questions from our audience each week.

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