Have a puppuccino with: Annie Paddington

The One Who Thinks He's a Cat, Paddington (and Butler)

Find out all there is to know about the loveable Shar Pei, Paddington

Name… Paddington

My favourite toy is… Piggy

My Human started my social profile because… She loves me

My favourite post ever was… My dinosaur dance RaHHH

I think my following is growing because… I have a big nose

My social profiles in three words would be… Wrinkly, Cuddly, Loveable

My favourite social media platform is… Instagram

The most common question my readers ask me is… Where I get my pyjamas

My advice to up-and-coming influencers would be… Don’t try to hard

In five years, I hope my blog / social profiles will be… Respected on a higher level

My dream brand partnership would be… Pottery Barn Pets