CATchup with: Lulu and Finn

Lulu and Finn Remarkable Pets

Name… Lulu and Finn

My favourite toy is… Our fluffy toy mice or our human’s socks. Favourite thing to do with our toys is put them in the food and water bowls

My Human started my social profile because… Because her personal Instagram was flooded with cat photos and cat followers, so she decided to leave it as the Lulu and Finn Instagram and make her own new one!

My favourite post ever was… At the moment I’d say it’s Lulu and Finn Caturday poker. We decided to do something special for a photo one day and it turned out quite well! This photo is also featured in the 2016 Animals of Instagram calendar.

I think my following is growing because… I hope it’s because people enjoy following Lulu and Finn’s adorable antics!

My social profiles in three words would be… Fluffy, Elegant, Fun

My favourite social media platform is… Instagram

The most common question my readers ask me is… ‘Are they Ragdolls?’ Followed by ‘how old are Lulu and Finn?’ I occasionally get questions about health and cat behaviour.

My advice to up-and-coming influencers would be… Quality over quantity, and engage with your followers or others using similar hashtags.

In five years, I hope my blog / social profiles will be… I haven’t thought that far in advance, but really hope our followers and engagements will continue to grow.

My dream brand partnership would be… Any of the cat food brands our cats go crazy for, e.g. Royal Canin, Dine, Purr

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